BESPOKE: Located in the Phillipines

Dunas Travel

DUNAS: Located in the Egyptian capital – Cairo, Dunas Travel is a young company specializing in tailor-made and regular programs, as well as incentive trips. Known by several European companies, today Dunas Travel arrives in Brazil with a team specially dedicated to our market offering full support in Portuguese.

Motivations & Events

MOTIVATIONS: Located in the city of Casablanca in Morocco, Motivation is a DMC with more than 17 years of experience in tailor-made and regular programs, incentives and thematic trips, all with a guide speaking portuguese. As its own name says, Motivation arrived in Brazil to motivate its client to visit Morocco, providing the best experiences according  to the choice of each passenger.

Travel Express

Travel Express: Travel Express is a DMC located in the city of Istanbul, Turkey, and specializes in regular programs / tours with weekly departures and guides who speak Portuguese and Spanish.

For a long time, Travel Express serves the entire Spanish market and all brokers in the region. Now it arrives the Brazilian market to promote its products and with the certainty of obtaining good results, due to the quality of its services, quick response and competitiveness. “Click here.