We work very closely with a diverse collection of quality overseas travel partners such as DMC’s, Hotels, Tourism Boards, Airlines and other travel related businesses in order to increase sales.

Each client is unique in their product type and clearly requires a tailor-made service specific to their own individual objectives, and by offering this, our travel partners regard us as an extension of their own sales and marketing team operating in Brazil and covering Latin America.

Our objective is to create success for our partners. Thus, we undertake the following key activities:


  • Strategy planning;
  • Preparation of annual marketing plans and calendar of events;
  • Marketing Intelligence: competitor analysis;
  • Print advertising and online advertising: campaigns on key travel/news websites;
  • Direct marketing B2B/B2C: email broadcasts;
  • Database management ;
  • Event management and organization;
  • Special activations;
  • Manage third part vendor in order to implement marketing programs;
  • Respond to trade, media and consumer inquiries on your behalf.


  • Face to face sales and sales calls to retail travel agents;
  • Present your product or services at events to your targeted market;
  • Representation at the travel exhibitions, industry seminars, road shows and workshops*;
  • Wholesale training programs to educate front line selling staff;
  • Training programs for travel agents;
  • Meetings arrangement;
  • Sales calls.

*The events in São Paulo and the surrounding cities (within a radius of 50 km from the capital) are included in the package of sales services. Cities over 50 km away, will be based on client’s approval of reimbursement.

events_brazil_hbCorporate & Mice Markets

  • Strong relationships with operators specialized in MICE;

comercial_serviceMidia & PR

  • Media Promotion: advertising and press relations;
  • Production and distribution of newsletters;
  • Digital photo archive management;
  • Copy, design and production of advertising material;
  • Media acquisition;
  • Relationship with main stakeholders (celebrities, authorities, clients, tour operators, tour agents, press).

Portfolio Leisure Tourism