Dolores Travel – DMC, Central Asia

Tours to Uzbekistan will show you the only place on the planet similar to the world of fairy tales we know since the early childhood! Each city, street, house – everything has its thousand years’ history with its stories, oriental wisdom, customs, and traditions. We organize your trip to a country of contrasts. Tashkent is the best proof of the fact that contrasts may look very harmonious: old houses and modern business centers, legendary tea houses and restaurants, bazaars and hypermarkets, old bearded Uzbek men and young people on roller skates and bikes.
We have been organizing tours to Uzbekistan and Central Asia for 18 years already. Therefore, if you have been considering the mysterious and fascinating East countries as your vacation destination, our Asia travel agency will provide you with the best offer for your Uzbekistan holiday with a full range of services. With our company, you can order the following types of tours:
• historical and culinary tours (oldest cities and national dishes);
• active and adventure tours (biking, skiing, tours on horseback and on camels);
• tours with the program developed for you personally;
• business tours with the planning of your seminars and meetings.
We also provide our customers with additional services:
• visa support;
• hotel reservations (reasonable prices for high-quality service);
• transport services between the cities, as well as taxi airport-hotel (passenger cars, buses, vans, SUVs, high-class cars).